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You’re a moose living in the human occupied wilds of Montana. You’ve just eaten some of your favorite psychedelic mushrooms with your friends. The streams are cooling, the willows ripe with delicious leaves, and soft orange moss dots granite rocks amid grassy fields. You’re settling into your favorite lush sanctuary here in the wilds for a mind altering and inspiring psychedelic trip.

A one page chill game ideally for 2-5 players but any number will do

Roll a D20 on a list of mushroom feelings, get to know your moose friends better

Here's some examples!

1. You see your reflection and get lost in all the details of your face. “What part of your face do you love the most?”

16. You take a drink of water from the stream and the taste and scent are super powered. “What sensation or feeling do you love being overcome by?”


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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